Ms. Rutendo Ngara

Rutendo Ngara is an African Indigenous Knowledge Systems practitioner and transdisciplinary researcher whose professional interests have spanned from clinical engineering, healthcare technology management, socio-economic development, mathematics, leadership and fashion design; to the interface between science, culture, cosmology, nature and paradigms of healing. She is a founding director of Ancient Wisdom Africa and Ancient Wisdom Foundation; coordinates the Earthrise Collective and is a founding member of the Assegaia Alliance – a global group of experts dedicated to the protection of the Earth’s Sacred Natural Sites. She serves on a number of boards and advisory committees, including the Credo Mutwa Foundation (Chairperson), the Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Heritage Animals Council, the South African Wushu Federation, and the People’s World Commission on Drought and Floods (Commissioner).

Rutendo has worked in research in Clinical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Management at the University of Cape Town, and Development Education at UNISA, as well as website management and teaching Mathematics, English and Science.

She holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering, an MSc in Medicine in Biomedical Engineering, a number of certificates – including a fashion designing diploma – and is pursuing a transdisciplinary doctorate.