Mr. Farhad Contractor

Farhad Contractor, with an experience over 3 decades in the revival and rejuvenation of ecological systems, has worked extensively in the Thar desert, North, and Central and Southern India. He has worked on the revival and restoration of over 9,500 water structures in the country and 3 river ecosystems in Rajasthan. His diverse portfolio covers reviving and conserving forests, strengthening

communities with sustainable agricultural practices, and contributing to successful national and international architectural projects, with a bend toward long-term sustainable design and action. His work has benefited over a million people and more than a thousand leaders have been nurtured in the process. He has been invited by the international community to work in various nations abroad, Morocco and France being those. Conservation works in seven ecological regions of Morocco

have been done for the past 5 years. Farhad adopts a systems approach that works from building on-ground models to influencing and changing policies at the state level.