Virtual Workshop on Plastic Waste Management and its Impact on Water Ecosystem

The Satsang Foundation joined hands with Sagar Mitra Abhiyan, an organization working towards reducing the impact of plastic waste on water bodies. Sri Vinod Bodhankar, conducted a virtual session to encourage participation of young children in preventing plastic waste from flowing into water bodies, river systems, and the ocean. 

The workshop focused on the various methods that are used to manage waste plastic at schools, housing societies, and villages. Participants learnt about the dangers of plastic waste, ways to encourage children to collect plastic waste from their homes, and the different ways in which the  collected plastic waste can be recycled and put to use.

The initiative has galvanized school children from Grades 4 to 8 across Maharashtra to collect plastic waste and participate in the recycling process. The participation of young children in this initiative is crucial since they are the custodians of the planet. As they become directly involved in collecting plastic waste, they realize the huge impact of their actions on the entire planet.

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