Virtual Workshop on Plastic Waste Management and its Impact on Water Ecosystem

A second virtual workshop was conducted by Sri Vinod Bodhankar, to encourage the participation of young children in preventing plastic waste from flowing into water bodies, river systems, and the ocean. 

This initiative is an ethical leadership project, anchored in the community, with a vision to sensitize school students to the ‘green’ oceans that contribute 70% of oxygen to the biosphere. Conceived as a spiritual program, this endeavor envisages the expansion of the mind, recognizing the oneness of all life on our planet. The initiative has galvanized school children from Grades 4 to 8 across Maharashtra to collect plastic waste and participate in the recycling process.

The participation of young children in this initiative is crucial since they are the custodians of the planet. As they become directly involved in collecting plastic waste, they realize the huge impact of their actions on the entire planet.

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