First Phase of Aviral Godavari

The Aviral Godavari Committee began its first phase by working towards reviving the greenery of Brahmagiri, the origin of the Godavari, and rebuilding the capacity for water retention and groundwater recharge so that the streams and springs start flowing again. Catering to the area between Brahmagiri and Ramatitrha, the first phase includes improving watershed management through restoration of existing water bodies and creation of new ones; using ‘Loose Boulder Dams’ or Bandharas to stem water flow; reforestation activities to attract rainfall, and prevent soil erosion and silting of water bodies; and developing strong community ownership and building a community network fostering sustainable livelihoods and ensuring local maintenance and preservation of nature and infrastructure. We aim for the first phase to be completed before the next Kumbh Mela at Trimbakeshwar in July 2027.

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