‘Sabhyata Ki Sukhti Saritaein’ Traces The Journey of Rivers; The book authored by Dr Rajendra Singh released

‘Sabhyata Ki Sukhti Saritaein’, a book written by Dr Rajendra Singh was released on the second day of the Water Conclave on Sunday. The book was released by spiritual guru Sri M and Managing Director of Sakal Media Group Abhijit Pawar. The conclave has been organised on the theme of ‘Rejuvenation of Rivers and Water’.

On this occasion, Rajendra Singh said, “Over the last nine years, I have travelled through 127 countries from the source of rivers to the confluence of rivers and the sea. In this book, you can read about the journey of Indian rivers like the Ganga, Brahmaputra, Sharayu and Sindhu as also the rivers in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. You can also study the restoration of Canada’s Ottawa River and the water war fought along the Euphrates River that flows from Turkey to Syria. The book also includes the politics over the Jordan River in Israel, the Thames River in London and the Brisbane River in Australia.”

He added that human health depends on the health of the river. “If the rivers fall sick, the life will be affected. If rivers dry up, human civilisation will also vanish. I have written this book to experience the truth about the rivers,” he said.

The book has been published by Delhi-based Nalanda Publishers. Dr Indira Khurana will translate the book into English.

“They say everything comes from experience. Everyone should read this book that comes from the Dr Rajendra Singh’s experiences” – Sri M, Spiritual Guru

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