‘Riverscape Café’ for Water Conservation

On the second day of the Water Conclave, the participants discussed various topics related to water conservation through group discussions. Through the Riverscape Café concept, the participants who were divided into four groups, held discussions, came up with solutions and set up action plans. The groups discussed sustainable solutions for river restoration, water management and conservation, disaster management and sustainable financial provisions.

As the group discussions had the feel of a ‘café’, the participants freely discussed everything. Said participating student Srushti Ravangaonkar, “In the first group, we discussed water conservation measures to be taken at the institutional level and their implementation. The discussion was based on new technology and state-of-the-art models. In the river conservation group, we discussed groundwater and surface water depletion and suggested long-term solutions to them.”

Spiritual guru Sri M also had face-to-face talks with all the participants.

Practical planning

The group discussion participants included people from all age groups and walks of life. Therefore, along with experienced advice, new youthful ideas also became part of the planning. All the groups were seen competing with each other in discussions. Along with water conservation, comprehensive discussions were held on river revival and a practical planning draft was rolled out.

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