New ideas to liberate water bodies pour in as the Water Conclave concludes

Caption: Experts and scholars who participated in the conclave called ‘Revival of Rivers and Water’

The Water Conclave concluded with the administration and the citizens deciding to work in unison to rejuvenate dying rivers and liberate water bodies suffering due to encroachments and pollution. Participants came up with an overwhelming number of new ideas and scholarly suggestions to liberate the rivers and natural water sources.

The two-day Water Conclave on ‘Revival of Rivers and Water’ organised by ‘The Satsang Foundation’ and ‘Sakal Media Group’ concluded on Sunday. Representatives of renowned organisations from the ‘Civil 20’ group, Indian and international water experts and representatives of organisations working in the field of water conservation held discussions at various levels. The scholars and the experts explored ideas for the revival of rivers, water management, disaster management and gaining sustainable economic support to carry out these activities.

Solutions suggested by experts:

■ The criterion of ‘Rain Water Harvesting’ should be applied to the candidates contesting elections

■ Charges should be levied on borewells in villages and the money collected should be used for groundwater recharge

■ The Income Tax Department should find out the preferences of the citizens regarding the use of money received through the tax

■ The crop pattern that would aid in water conservation should be used

■ Help should be taken from disaster management professionals and government funds should be provided for it

■ All information about government departments and their database should be open for citizens for water conservation

■ Attention should be paid to areas facing water shortage

■ Scientific and traditional knowledge should be combined

■ All water-related government departments should be under one umbrella.



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