Agnihotra essential for water, soil, and air conservation: Dr. Rajimawale

In the Indian Vedic tradition, fire holds great importance among the five elements. Since energy can’t be produced or destroyed, regularly conducting Agnihotra helps conserve water, soil and air. Also, since it leads to mental peace, it is possible to achieve the objective of human welfare, said Ayurvedic expert and Chairman of the Vishwa Foundation, Dr Purushottam Rajimawale.

A two-day Water Conclave called ‘Revival of Rivers and Water’ was organised by ‘The Satsang Foundation’ in collaboration with ‘Sakal Media Group’ for members of ‘Civil 20’ as India holds the Presidency of the G20. The second day of the Conclave began with Agnihotra. Dr. Rajimwale highlighted its importance. The founder of ‘The Satsang Foundation’ and spiritual leader Sri M, Managing Director of Sakal Media Group Abhijit Pawar and water conservationist Dr Rajendra Singh were present on the occasion.

To mark Agnihotra Day, Dr. Rajimwale provided information about the method to conduct Agnihotra and the hymns chanted during Agnihotra.

He stated, “The significance of the five elements has been emphasized in the Vedas. Among them, water is called ‘life’. It is seen as a vital source of existence. This is the reason ancient civilizations grew along the river banks and spiritual knowledge too developed there.”

What Dr. Rajimavale said…

The importance of Agnihotra has been underlined in the Rigveda.

All spiritual processes are connected with nature.

Agnihotra is essential for environmental conservation and human welfare.

The Vedas introduced the tradition of Yajna for spiritual advancement.

Agnihotra is utilised for the purification of water and air.

Research regarding Agnihotra:

Dr. Rajimwale said that he carried out some scientific experiments to explain the significance of Agnihotra in contemporary scientific terms. He said, “A study was conducted on 300 individuals to observe the impact of Agnihotra on mental health. It was observed that 75% of the participants experienced reduced stress and mental peace. Experiments were also carried out for water and air purification. The initial findings are undoubtedly positive. We are ready to go ahead and research further.”

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