A call for residents of Nashik to participate in the ‘Aviral Godavari’ movement

Citizens of Nashik have an opportunity to make the Brahmagiri mountain green, revitalise its ancient ponds and help the Godavari flow uninterrupted. World-renowned water expert Dr. Rajendra Singh has appealed to the residents of Nashik city and district to participate in the seven-point movement called ‘Aviral Godavari’. Namami Goda Foundation, The Satsang Foundation, Sakal Social Foundation and Tarun Bharat Sangh are contributing to the initiative and various committees have been formed to implement it. Here’s more about it…

As water flows with great speed from the upper portion of the Brahmagiri mountain at Trimbakeshwar, not much of it seeps into the ground. As a result, the Godavari does not have a continuous, clean flow all through the year. Also, there is a danger that the area may become barren with the soil getting washed away. In order to solve these problems, along with people’s participation, it is necessary to adopt nature-friendly spot treatment using traditional Indian knowledge and technology. Dr. Singh highlighted this based on his study of the Brahmagiri area. Dr. Singh provided guidance regarding what exactly needs to be done and in what manner. Accordingly, the ‘Aviral Godavari’ movement will be taken to its final stage before the upcoming Simhastha Kumbh Mela.

The Forest Department of Maharashtra has notified the ​​Brahmagiri area. Based on that, identification and tagging will be done. The recharging will be done through the vertical fractures in the upper portion of the Brahmagiri mountain. In the water storage area, trees will be planted to slow down water evaporation. The participation of locals will be sought in tree plantation to provide employment to them. Grass will be grown to increase the green cover. Also, the maintenance and repairs of the existing check dams and the construction of new check dams will be undertaken using locally available materials. The cooperation of the Maharashtra Forest Department will be sought for these works.

Revival of ancient ponds as pilgrimage spots

Twenty-three ancient ponds which are very crucial for the uninterrupted flow of Godavari in the Brahmagiri mountain region will be revived as pilgrimage places. As the participation of locals is essential in this, they will be trained by archaeologists. The importance of nature and the environment will be at the forefront of this social participation.

One gets to see ponds designed in the most natural way on the Brahmagiri mountain. To drain excess water from the ponds, natural channels have been created and a bridge constructed showing sensitivity to the environment. Engineering has been used humanely. Lush green and graceful trees create a green belt on the mountain. The rows of trees help conserve water and soil. To create an atmosphere conducive to tree plantation, grass will be planted. Also, various activities will be conducted for the empowerment of local women. A campaign will be conducted to clean up the Brahmagiri.

Committees formed for various functions

■ Brahmagiri Watershed Revitalisation Committee (Sub-committee – a) planting grass, b) desilting of old check dams, repairing of the damaged parts)

■ ‘Identification’ and ‘Demarcation’ of notified areas

■ Brahmagiri Revitalisation Committee — Revival of 23 ancient ponds (from the pilgrimage point of view)

■ Brahmagiri Women’s Empowerment Committee (Food offerings, garlands, pictures, guide,

photographer etc.)

■ Brahmagiri ki Hariyali Committee

■ Brahmagiri Cleanliness Campaign

Contact us and join!

Everyone will be involved in the ‘Brahmagiri ki Hariyali, Godavari ki Pavitrata’ campaign. Those active in revitalisation, grass planting, tree plantation, women empowerment, identification and demarcation of notified areas, cleaning, etc, are welcome to join the campaign.

Come on, those living in Nashik city and district, call up 7709264830 and participate in the ‘Brahmagiri ki Hariyali, Godavari ki Pavitrata’ campaign!